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8 Minute Daily Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles Super-Fast

Belly fat or love handles give real headaches to women struggling for an enviable figure. Belly fat is hard to remove, given that the belly is one of the body parts with the most troublesome fat deposit. Despite the general belief, you don’t need to be a great scientist to get rid of belly fat. Many women exaggerate with painful …

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How to lose abdominal fat fast with eggplant water

Eggplant is a special vegetable! It has countless uses in the household, but also has a number of uses in medicine. In the past, people avoided the eggplant because of its dark color which was considered toxic. Eventually, the eggplant was used in everyday diet of many people around the world who have discovered it wasn’t toxic, but extremely healthy. …

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How to melt abdominal fat with homemade rice milk

If you have lactose intolerance, if you’re a vegetarian, if you can’t consume soy or you simply don’t like milk, nature has prepared you a tasty and healthy alternative: rice milk. Rice milk is a product that will help you melt belly fat. It can be used instead of water or sweet drinks. After a crunches session or after a …

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